Urge your senators to hold Interior Secretary Bernhardt accountable.

Former lobbyist and current Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is the most conflicted Cabinet secretary in the Trump administration -- which is saying a lot! Investigations into his corruption started a mere four days after his confirmation in April.

Somehow, his actions have only become more corrupt since then. So the time for investigations is over. It’s now time for action.

Will you call your senators, urge them to hold Secretary Bernhardt accountable, and demand an end to corruption in the Interior Department?

United States Capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Call Script:

Hi, my name is _______________ and I’m a constituent of Senator _______________. I’m calling to urge the senator to hold Secretary Bernhardt accountable and demand an end to corruption in the Interior Department.

Bernhardt is the Trump administration’s most conflicted Cabinet secretary, with some 26 former clients and employers who have business before the Interior Department. Since taking office in April, he’s turned Interior into his own personal lobbying shop!

He’s also undermining critical public land, national park, and wildlife protections for the benefit of his former clients and other special interests.

The Interior Secretary must work to preserve our public lands, not destroy them for corporate profits. I hope the senator will hold Bernhardt accountable and demand an end to the Department’s corruption. Thank you for taking my call.